Real Time Sales Data

Fieldmagna offers you a lot of unique features with the use of GPS intelligence, You will get user location data along with all activities. Geo Tagged orders/activities give you insights about from where they are submitted. This will helps you to monitor their activities throughout the day. Fieldmagna helps you to track and do productive decisions about your demanded areas.

Fieldmagna eliminates paperwork and manual ordering and automates your sales processes. Fieldmagna increase your productivity and enhance your team skills.

GPS Based Location

GPS based Location will help you to view real-time updates on sales area, progress movement of distributors, each vendor’s location, and closures. Field Magna trackers help you to track and do productive decisions about your vender’s location or demanded area.

Fieldmagna offers Geo-Fence technology that sets a boundary around a location. With Geo-Fence features sales person can not do certain activities like Start Day or Order Booking if he is out of will help you to eliminate fake order booking or false reporting.


Analytics Report makes you identify the growth of customers, prevention of loss of sales, complete efficient customer engagement model, effective monitoring, and promotion effectiveness mapping which improve loop across all retail actions

It reveals the true factors of the real-time condition of the market needs and also helps you to understand what drives sales success. These analytics help you to identify the best salespeople and most demanded products and after that allocate them to their most important area.

Working Hour & Attendance

This application will tell you every bit that who is present on their work as some of the time the distributor’s are not available on their location and pretended they are distributing which is not fruitful for your company.

This will help you to get each member’s or distributor’s presence even how many hours they are putting for single or multiple works, in short, you can track each distributors movement easily with their desire response.