Most Popular Questions

1. How do I register on FieldMagna?

For a new account, you have to connect with us from the contact us page or you can also contact us at +91 7290004444

2. How can I ask for free demo or trial account?

For this, you have to connect with the support team by sending a message from the contact us page or you can call us at +91 7290004444

3. What are the minimum or maximum users limit to use FieldMagna?

You can go with a minimum of 10 users and there is no limitation for maximum users, all you need to contact with admin for required changes according to your capacity.

4. What are the charges to use FieldMagna?

Fieldmagna app charges are based on features you have selected and the number of users. To know more you can connect us by contact us page.

5. Which device I need to use FieldMagna?

Any Android device

6. What are the minimum device configuration to use FieldMagna?

Hardware Specification Required (Minimum)
Operating System (Android version) Android 5.0 & Above
Camera Required if want to save information with Image
Processor At Least 1 GHz
Ram At least 1GB (For Smooth Work)
Network 2G (Recommended)
A-GPS YES (If Available Then Provide Accurate Location)

7. Is there any training required to use FieldMagna?

Basically, the user interface of FieldMagna is so user-friendly and easy to navigate, and if still, anyone faces any issue then we have many videos on it that you can see on our help section on the mobile app that will surely help you out. We also provide training if there are more than 20 users at a single place.

8. How Geo-Fence works with FieldMagna App?

FieldMagna Sales force automation app use GPS intelligence to perform the task within a specified location. If the user is out of specified area FieldMagna will not allow completing the task.

9. How can fieldmagna help my business?

We’re a team of technical and creative experts dedicated to smarter search engine marketing. Our marketers run remarkably successful search engine optimization.

10. What level of support comes with FieldMagna?

With FieldMagna you will get Mail, Chat, and call support with any number of users

11. What type of industries can use FieldMagna?

FieldMagna is a configuration based application, So it can be configured as per any sector/ Industry requirement. In simple words, any industry that does retail can use FieldMagna.

12. Is FieldMagna customizable as per requirement?

As FieldMagna is a configuration-based application there is a lot of things that can be done by changing the settings. Else we also do customization as per organization need with free or minimum customization charges based on the number of users.

13. What is the meaning of unable to find location?

Unable to find error or message will be shown only when the mobile device is not able to find a user location with certain accuracy.

14. What is the meaning of location does not match?

When Geo-Fence is enabled for an account and the location does not match with the fixed location.

15. Does FieldMagna Works offline?

Yes, FieldMagna needs an active internet connection only at the time of when the new day starts / Day change or day finish. Active internet connection will give you some more benefit for live tracking or real-time updating of data.

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